Open Your Own Sirri Center

SIRRI Corporate now provides the opportunity for individuals to own and operate their own SIRRI Center.

The opportunity provides center owners to take advantage of years of research and development of the SIRRI business model by combining leading edge technologies and development of proprietary technology such as the SenEx technology and the SIRRI auditory retraining program.

Today's marketplace has extended beyond quality of services alone, into the realm of innovative thinking and competitive business strategies. The SIRRI Developmental Rehabilitation & Learning Center model focuses on the trends and technologies important to any growing practice and provides the fundamental tools to grow your existing practice or launch a new one. SIRRI has a fee for service model which is both clinically and financially beneficial and effective.

Now, more than ever, there is a huge need to address disorders such as autism, developmental delays and learning disabilities. A SIRRI Developmental Rehabilitation & Learning Center provides the proven tools to approach and help these and other neurological issues effectively and efficiently.
Professional Services

Depending upon your profession the SIRRI Center business model can be adapted to work with the following professionals and integrates many different technologies. A professional degree is required of all SIRRI Center owners.

Medical Doctor

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Language Therapy


Educators and more!!!